How to copy files from your PC to your Samsung tablet 10.1

Most android phones will be recognized immediately on a Windows PC when connecting the mni-USB to your PC’s USB port, but not so fast for the Samsung Android tablet.

Setting up your PC:

First, you need to download the drivers from Samsung’s site 

Go to:

  1. Click on [See all downloads] under the Downloads section.
  2. Click on the [Software] Tab to see the driver executables.
  3. Grab the latest version for XP/Vista/Windows7 by clicking on the [EXE] button to the right.
  4. You will need to click on the [Send] button on the disclaimer pop-up to move forward with the download.
  5. Save the download to a known location.  I typically save all downloads to C:\temp\Android
  6. Choose [Run] after download

 Setting up your Samsung Tablet:

 Click on the [Device Admin] icon and go to [Applications] [Development]

  1. Enable the checkbox for [USB Debugging].  You will get a disclaimer pop-up, so choose [OK]


  1. Connect your USB cable to your Samsung tablet and the other end to your PC.  I removed the USB cable from the charger that comes with the tablet.
  2. Once connected, your PC should recognize the tablet.  It might appear by the model number (GT-P7510). 
  3. Just move files that you would normally do as if it were a thumb drive.  I place all my files under the [Documents] Folder
  4. Use your tablet’s [My Files] app to locate the Documents folder on your tablet.
  5. Remember to turn off the USB Debugging when not in use

 How to use:

Connect your Android tablet (with the USB Debugging mode enabled) via USB to your PC

  1. Your PC should recognize the device
  2. Using Windows explore, I recommend copying the file(s) from your PC to the tablet’s [Document] Folder.
  3. Using your tablet’s  [My Files] App, navigate to your [Documents] folder.


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